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You may also download a complete, printable schedule of all routes (PDF, 6.5MB)

1. Vineville/Zebulon Weekday service

2. Bellevue/Log Cabin/Zebulon Weekday & Sat.

3. West Macon/Thomaston Rd. Weekday & Sat.

4. North Highland Weekday & Sat.

5. Ocmulgee/Tom Hill, Sr. Blvd. Weekday & Sat.

6. Westgate/Bloomfield Weekday & Sat.

9. Macon Mall/Chambers Rd./Macon College Weekday & Sat.

11. East Macon/King Park Weekday & Sat.

12. Houston/Peach Orchard Weekday & Sat.

13. North Macon/Industrial Weekday & Sat.

14. Mercer Bear/Downtown/Walmart

NOTE: Times may vary due to traffic and weather conditions.