How to read the schedulesRefer to the instructions at right, then click below to see individual bus schedules. Refer to the system map for an overview of all routes.

You may also download a complete, printable schedule of all routes (PDF, 6.7MB)

1. Vineville/Zebulon Weekday service

2. Bellevue/Log Cabin/Zebulon Weekday & Sat.

3. West Macon/Thomaston Rd. Weekday & Sat.

4. North Highland Weekday & Sat.

5. Ocmulgee/Tom Hill, Sr. Blvd. Weekday & Sat.

6. Westgate/Bloomfield Weekday & Sat.

8. Ocmulgee East Industrial/GEICO Weekdays

9. Macon Mall/Chambers Rd./Macon College Weekday & Sat.

11. East Macon/King Park Weekday & Sat.

12. Houston/Peach Orchard Weekday & Sat.

13. North Macon/Industrial Weekday & Sat.

BIRD (Weekday Macon/Robins AFB shuttle,
different fare schedule applies)

NOTE: Times may vary due to traffic and weather conditions.